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Serenghetti one piece flame maple custom

Serenghetti Guitars


Serenghetti one piece guitar in ocean burst finish

 First off, thanks for visiting the website. I truly appreciate your interests in Serenghetti Guitars!


 So let's talk shop and history. I started Serenghetti guitars back in 2007, although I had been designing the guitars years before.  


When I started building, I wanted to make a guitar that was beautiful to look at, stunning to play, and mesmerizing to listen too.  Something that's  heirloom quality, with only the best master grade exotic hardwoods. So after a lot of thought and going back to the drawing board I came up with what I feel is the best representation of that vision! 

Serenghetti Models 

Exotic. Rare. Sleek. 

Serenghetti elite model guitar with Zebra inlay fretboard

The Serenghetti "ELITE" Custom

The Elite model Serenghetti is the epitome of craftsmanship and top shelf materials!

The building of these models starts with the private stock of private stock wood, only the best of everything and truly vivid inlays etc, Every aspect of the build process is painstakingly, gone over and over until perfection is achieved.This is the Serenghetti Custom one piece on steroids!


Only the very best of my builds using only the highest grade of woods meet the criteria for the Elite model. This is the Stradivarius of guitars!


Prices: $8,500 to $10,000

Available in one piece design only

Serenghetti "ELITE" 
One piece Guitar (backside of a one piece serenghetti guitar)
Serenghetti custom one piece quilted maple guitar in trans crimson

Serenghetti Custom 

This is the flagship of  Serenghetti  Guitars.


This is my Legendary one piece design. The entire guitar is 1 solid piece of wood, no neck joint or wings. no break in vibratory tone transfer...just pure untamed power and harmonics, this guitar  drips tone! 


Get one of these it will change your life, you may even see unicorns!


This is not a guitar for the faint of heart, it is the one guitar to rule them all. Period.


 Prices range from $5,000 to $8,000


Available in one piece design only


Serenghetti Nashville model

The Nashville model Serenghetti guitar is one of elegant design. It's what a tele wishes it was!

Silky smooth playability and sleek, sexy good looks...this is the one guitar you simply cant go without in your arsenal.

One piece design prices start at $5,000 to $8000

Available as one piece design only

Serenghetti "Nashville"
Serenghetti raven model v
Serenghetti "Raven"

New to the Serenghetti Roster is the wicked looking new V Guitar!

This new design is as brutal as it is beautiful, with its ultra high neck access and elegantly savage looks…this is the guitar that kicks ass first and takes names later!

One piece design starts at $5000 to $10000

(shown with custom airbrush paint job)

Serenghetti Raven model guitar
neck thru maple ans walnut fretless serenghetti bass

Serenghetti "Fretless 5"

 We also make some kick ass Bass guitars also!


Whether you want it fretted or not ...this is the bass that may turn you into the god of thunder!

One Piece design starts at $5500 and up.

Neck thru version starts $3500 and up.

serenghetti bass
Serenghetti meerkat model bolt on
Serenghetti meerkat model bolt on
Serenghetti meerkat model bolt on


The Serenghetti Meerkat model is just like the one piece guitars except they are the bolt on versions of the one piece and neck thru guitars.

Available as bolt on, set neck, or neck thru designs

Prices range from $1,800 to $3,499

Serenghetti  "Meerkat" 

Serenghetti  "Phoenix"  V model

serenghetti Phoenix model Flying V in custom airbrush paint job
Phoenix model Flying V in custom airbrush paint job

Serenghetti  "Phoenix"  V

Phoenix model Flying V in custom airbrush paint job

This is the all new Phoenix model V from Serenghetti Guitars! 

A totally new addition to the V family, its an ultra sleek low profile design that marries brutal tone and refined looks into a beautiful yet deadly package. Simply put...brutal elegance!

*Phoenix is shown with a custom airbrush paintjob*

Serenghetti  Custom pickups

Serenghetti Custom Humbuckers

 Serenghetti pickups are a result of years of research and design for the discerning player. 


 Serenghetti pickups are available in two different magnet configurations that include alnico2 and alnico8 designs!

The Serenghetti Alnico 8 designed pickups are huge sounding..and rightfully so

..the alnico 8 magnet is the largest passive magnet available..

so from blistering lead work with alot of growl to subtle sexy tones these pups got you covered. They very responsive to your playing! These are like having a mini tube amp in your guitar!!


Check out the demos on the media page to hear these in action.

The Serenghetti Alnico 2  just drip tone..its that simple. when you are looking for the brown sound of eddie van halen or the fuzziness of Randy Rhoads these are the pups that will deliver the tone each and everytime

Demos of this newly released set up pups will be coming soon!


Serenghetti Guitar humbucker set   

 Price $300 for the set or $150 each 

Serenghetti custom hand wound pickups

Serenghetti Headstock Designs

 It's not just enough to have a great looking body.. The headstock of a guitar is as important to the looks and appeal of a guitar as much as the body!


 Lets be honest, If you were to date someone with a great body but their head was horrible  you probably wouldn't want to be seen fondling  them or have your hands all over them in public! 


Well your guitar is no different, Your guitar should be the total package from top to bottom! 


Take a look at our Original Headstock design shapes to see what appeals to you the most, because we want you to have the  Easiest playing, Best  sounding , and  Sexiest looking guitar/bass around.


 Its not vanity people... We just like to look good making you look good...

Serenghetti original headstock classic headstock

 This Our Original Serenghetti "Classic"headstock.


It's elegant in shape and styling, and it looks good with any style of music.


From rock to metal, to blues or country. You really can't  wrong with this classic style headstock!


Serenghetti headstock #2 blade headstock

This is the sleek and clean looking Serenghetti "Blade" headstock It really doesn't get sexier than this headstock. it works well  and looks great no matter the style music you play, but it shines in the rock arena. 

serenghetti headstock no.3

This is the second version of  my "Blade" headstock. it simply is a thing of beauty!

Serenghetti Guitar Specs 

• 25.5" scale length

• Premium Ebony fretboard

• Premium Master grade Exotic/Domestic hardwood for all bodies and necks. 

• USA Kahler Tremolo or Floyd Rose  (or fixed bridge)

• 24 jumbo Gold Evo frets

• Hum/Hum, 3way toggle switch pickup configuration.  (Other pickup configurations available) 

• All Carved by hand by a single Master Luthier

• High Gloss, Satin, or Oil finish depending on model.

• Mother of Pearl or Abalone dot inlays.

• Hard shell case 

• Gotoh/Grover/Sperzel tuners (depends on model)

• Your choice of pickups including Serenghetti Custom Pickups, Rio Grande, Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, Gotoh, Bartolini

• Hand carved and Proudly built in the USA 

The Custom shop Experience

Here at Serenghetti Guitars, you're pretty much limited only by what you can dream up. We are always thinking up new  innovative ideas ans ways to make your guitar and bass orders more personal and practical to you.


Sometimes, even at a custom guitar shop, you will find there are people no matter how custom an instrument is...there are some people that still want their own touch added.


That's why we will do customization and modifications to your ordered guitar or bass, and even if you own a different brand of guitar, no worries we can modify and enhance them also!


Whether you want a new custom paint job, fret job, set up, routing or installing new pickups or tremolos, replacement necks and bodies.  We can do that for you!         Just call or email us for details and pricing. We are a full service repair shop

a group of serenghetti one piece guitars in the making
Custom necks and bodies

We can make you your dream guitar neck or body, finished or unfinished. 

custom kahler trem in ky blue

Need a new tremolo or custom pickups or other parts? You can get them here at Serenghetti !

serenghetti lion logo in abalone

Want some custom inlays? Dream it, and  I can make them for you.


At Serenghetti Guitars, we create custom instruments that are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. Each guitar is a one-of-a-kind work of art, designed to suit the unique needs of our clients. Our estimated build time for each guitar is 6 to 12 months, but this can vary depending on the materials and level of customization you request. Rest assured, every guitar we create is built to the highest standards.

Our team at Serenghetti Guitars is committed to building the finest custom guitars available. We understand that sometimes a need arises to cancel an order, and we will issue a credit towards another instrument or future build. Please note, however, that all sales are final, and refunds are not available. Our team's dedication to perfection means that each custom build takes time, but the resulting instrument is one that will bring you a lifetime of joy and musical creativity.

Gallery Showcase

Serenghetti news article
Serenghetti bolt on guitar(meerkat model)
Serenghetti name show booth
Serenghetti one piece guitar in trans black
Serenghetti Bobby Barth signature guitar model
serenghetti one piece guitar in trans black name show guitar
Serenghetti Nashville model in high gloss clear
Serenghetti raven model guitar in tyrans green finish
Serenghetti one piece guitar one piece quilted maple guitar
serenghetti meerkat bolt on guitar figured walnut and maple
serenghetti one piece guitar in trans purple finish
serenghetti meerkat bolt on guitar with zizicote top maple body
one piece serenghetti custom flame maple one piece guitar in trans red
serenghetti raven model guitar shown with custom airbrush finish
serenghetti guitar custom alternate headstock
serenghetti Nashville model one piece guitar
serenghetti neck thru guitar polka dot finish randy rhoads tribute
serenghetti guitar breast cancer awareness guitar
serenghetti custom guitar
serenghetti custom zebra fretboard guitar with lion logo body inlay
a pride of serenghetti's in various stages
Serenghetti one piece bass guitar
Serenghetti one piece quilt maple guitar in lion eye fish
Serenghetti polkadot custom guitar
Serenghetti Savannah model one piece guitar
serenghetti custom zebra guitar
serenghetti meerkat bolt on model guitar
serenghetti custom one piece guitar
Serenghetti custom one piece name show guitar
serenghetti meerkat bolt on model guitar
serenghetti Raven model guitar
one piece serenghetti custom guitar in rare hum/single/hum config
Serenghetti custom Savannah model guitar
Serenghetti Raven model guitar
serenghetti custom quilt maple one piece guitar nicknamed OZ
Serenghetti one piece custom guitar named Helen
serenghetti savannah model
Serenghetti model guitar with flame maple inlay
Serenghetti one piece guitar in trans black
Serenghetti one piece guitar custom
Serenghetti custom one piece flame maple in tons blue
Serenghetti one piece figured mahogany guitar
Serenghetti custom flame maple one piece guitar
Back view of a serenghetti one piece guitar
Custom serenghetti piano guitar
serenghetti meerkat model custom
Serenghetti custom one piece guitar in ocean burst
Serenghetti Bobby Barth signature model guitar
Serenghetti worlds first one piece 7 string
Serenghetti bobby Barth signature guitar
Serenghetti logo
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