Ray  Patterson created the One Piece guitar way back years ago and launched it in 2007, and with great success!  He had stumbled across  a guitar that had enhanced harmonic range, violin like sustain and that was infinitely more responsive and more "Alive"


Because there was no longer a break in vibratory tone transfer from the neck to the body. The whole tonal palette of the guitar was changed and enhanced. The whole guitar was one piece of wood and The force was strong with this new breed of guitars!

Ray further gave people more freedom to choose what they wanted in their  custom guitar.. when they custom order a guitar...including and not limited too...their choice of hardware, wood types for body, neck, fretboards, custom pickups, and tremolos, etc.  Freedom be thy name!

Since 2007 SERENGHETTI GUITARS has been blazing the way for premiere top end guitars that are Exotic, Sexy, Tone Dripping works of playable art!


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