Serenghetti Headstock Designs

 It's not just enough to have a great looking body.. The headstock of a guitar is as important to the looks and appeal of a guitar as much as the body!


 Lets be honest, If you were to date someone with a great body but their head was horrible  you probably wouldn't want to be seen fondling or have your hands all over them in public! 

Well your guitar is no different, Your guitar should be the total package from top to bottom! 


Take a look at our Original Headstock design shapes to see what appeals to you the most, because we want you to have the  Easiest playing, Best  sounding and  Sexiest looking guitar/bass around.


 Its not vanity people... We just like to look good making you look good...

 This Our Original Serenghetti "Classic"headstock.


It's elegant in shape and styling, and it looks good with any style of music.


From rock to metal, to blues or country. You really can't  wrong with this classic style headstock!


My personal favorite!

This is the sleek and clean looking Serenghetti "Blade" headstock It really doesn't get sexier than this headstock. it works well  and looks great no matter the style music you play, but it shines in the rock arena. This the Blade 1

This is the second version of  my "Blade" headstock. it simply is a thing of beauty!

This the Serenghetti "Sawtooth" headstock.

It's very aggressive styling lends itself to rock and metal crowds but if you want people to notice you...this headstock will definitely will do the job!

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