Serenghetti  Custom pickups

Serenghetti Custom Humbuckers

 Serenghetti pickups are a result of years of research and design for the discerning player. 


 Serenghetti pickups are available in two different magnet configurations that include alnico2 and alnico8 designs!

The Serenghetti Alnico 8 designed pickups are huge sounding..and rightfully so

..the alnico 8 magnet is the largest passive magnet available..

so from blistering lead work with alot of growl to subtle sexy tones these pups got you covered. They very responsive to your playing! These are like having a mini tube amp in your guitar!!


Check out the demos on the media page to hear these in action.

The Serenghetti Alnico 2  just drip tone..its that simple. when you are looking for the brown sound of eddie van halen or the fuzziness of Randy Rhoads these are the pups that will deliver the tone each and everytime

Demos of this newly released set up pups will be coming soon!


Serenghetti Guitar humbucker set   

 Price $300 for the set or $150 each 

Check out brand ambassador Mark Spencer burning up a Serenghetti "Meerkat" model..loaded with Serenghetti Alnico8 pickups...... sounds so good it should be illegal!!

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