The Custom shop Experience

Here at Serenghetti Guitars, you're pretty much limited only by what you can dream up. We are always thinking up new  innovative ideas ans ways to make your guitar and bass orders more personal and practical to you.


Sometimes, even at a custom guitar shop, you will find there are people no matter how custom an instrument is...there are some people that still want their own touch added.


That's why we will do customization and modifications to your ordered guitar or bass, and even if you own a different brand of guitar, no worries we can modify and enhance them also!


Whether you want a new custom paint job, fret job, set up, routing or installing new pickups or tremolos, replacement necks and bodies.  We can do that for you!         Just call or email us for details and pricing. We are a full service repair shop

Custom necks and bodies

We can make you your dream guitar neck or body, finished or unfinished. 


Need a new tremolo or custom pickups or other parts? You can get them here at Serenghetti !


Want some custom inlays? Dream it, and we can make them for you.

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